Dreams do come true when you want it desperately enough even more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your entire life, when you are telling everyone about it for so long that they have their hair stand up, literally ☺
Why? Because you’ve said it so many times, they all think you are crazy, because you’ve never done anything about it but dream, until……
THE RIGHT DAY COMES, the day when everything starts working together, when the stars are all aligned and most importantly, when God finally grants your wish because you have worked hard towards your dream for so long and because you have not given up but instead you have perfected the talent God has blessed you with.

Now, when it is all coming together, step by step and it is so close that you can see it, it is exciting yet frightening and it feels as if it was a movie you are watching .

It is such an unreal feeling where the little girl who not only loved eating cakes when she was growing up but loved baking as well with her mum and grandma, who comes from a far away European country and who is now a grown woman, will be able to share her passion for cakes in this beautiful country and city, in this beautiful patisserie where anyone and everyone who shares her passion for all things sweet, will be able to see, taste, enjoy and learn.

Be part of this exciting experience!