Answers to our most common questions

How much notice do you need?

We take a limited number of cake orders to maintain the high quality we pride ourselves on. Because for weddings many clients book their cake 3-6 months in advance, placing your order early to avoid disappointment is essential. Notice required for other celebration cakes is 1-2 weeks. Last minute bookings can sometimes be accommodated, generally depending on the time of the year.

Do you have a shop where I can see your creations?

The Sweet Passion studio is located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. You can make an appointment for a consultation from Monday through to Saturday. There are many display cakes you can view as well as delicious cake Flavours to taste.

Can we taste your cakes?

Tastings can be arranged by request for wedding cakes and celebration cakes. All tastings are by appointment only, call us on 0437 723 714.  We have a range of popular flavours available, and other flavours are available upon request.

FAQ General Info How much notice do you need? Do you have a shop where I can see your creations? Can we taste your cakes? What should I bring along for the consultation?

Bring along any design elements you have ready at the time of consultation. Stationery, colours, fabrics, print, pictures of flowers and even china patterns you like are great sources of inspiration. We encourage you to bring swatches or photos of the bridal dress or the bridesmaids’ dress colours, as elements of them can be incorporated into the design of your wedding or celebration cake.

Do you make your cakes from scratch? What ingredients do you use?

All our cakes are made in-house at our Sweet Passion studio from scratch. We use only the finest, locally sourced ingredients – real butter, real cream, natural flavours, Belgian chocolate and high quality nuts. Preservatives, substitutes, and pre-mixes are never used in the making of our cakes.

Are all your figurines and sugar flowers handmade?

All figurines, details and flowers, including the pastes, are crafted exclusively by Sweet Passion. We do not sell any of our decorations or sugar-crafted flowers separately.

What factors influence the price of a cake?

The Sweet Passion studio is located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. You can make an appointment for a consultation from Monday through to Saturday. There are many display cakes you can view as well as delicious cake Flavours to taste.

How should I store my cake and flowers?

All cakes that are covered with fondant should be kept in a cool, dry area, preferably air conditioned. Fondant covered cakes should not be kept in the refrigerator. However, mousse cakes and all other cakes that are not covered with fondant must be refrigerated.

Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture as this could potentially ruin the decorations. After your event, all decorations can be kept in an airtight container with 1-2 anti-moisture crystal packets for several years. Ensure the lid of your container is kept properly closed.

What areas do you deliver to?

Sweet Passion are based in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. We deliver to metro and greater Sydney (delivery costs vary depending on distance) seven days a week.

How long does it take to make a cake?

Once you’ve taken into account making, setting and decorating, creating The exact time taken to make a cake depends on the individual intricacies involved in each of our unique creations. Once you’ve taken into account making cake mixtures and fillings, baking, cooling, filling with ganache, assembling and applying fondant, a beautiful wedding or special occasion a beautiful wedding or special occasion cake takes many, many hours and is a several day process.

Then, there are decorative elements which can be hand painted, piped, carved or moulded. All our sugar flowers are handcrafted and our figurines custom-made. Individual design elements can each take several hours to complete. We use hand-tempered couverture chocolate for our signature Belgian Chocolate Towers, and the creation of these towers is a several hour project. A wedding cake is an extremely labour intensive endeavour, so ordering your cake as early as possible is essential.

What type of cakes do Sweet Passion specialise in?

Sweet Passion can create any cake you desire – the only limits are your budget and your imagination. We are wedding cake specialists but also create one-of-a-kind birthday cakes, children’s cakes, novelty cakes, seasonal cakes, cupcakes, Belgian chocolate towers, mousse cakes, traditional Hungarian sweets and dessert buffets. We make all our cake mixtures from scratch in a wide variety of flavours. We’re more than happy to try and accommodate special wishes, so if you want to request a style of cake that you don’t see featured on our website, please feel free to ask.

What flavours can I choose from?

Sweet Passion create cakes that appeal to the eye and the most discerning palates. Our hand crafted cakes are moist with a soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture and vibrant, decadent flavours. The following flavours are a guide only, we have around 25 flavour options– please talk to us if you would like to request other flavours.

  • Almond cake with licorice buttercream
  • Banana cake with walnut crunch buttercream
  • Chocolate seduction: rich chocolate cake and truffle ganache
  • Coconut cake with lemon buttercream
  • Coconut cake with raspberry buttercream
  • Hazelnut cake with dark chocolate ganache
  • Pistachio cake with raspberry buttercream
  • Vanilla buttercake with coffee buttercream
  • White chocolate mudcake with white chocolate ganache

What sizes do your cakes come in?

We can create cakes for functions as small as 15 people to extra-large cakes to serve hundreds. For extra-large cakes we suggest having a kitchen cake (a cake slab, which is the same as your wedding or special occasion cake) if you have a limited budget to be able to serve the required number.
As a general rule, if you are serving the cake as a dessert the portion size will be larger. For this we suggest at least 2 different flavours as alternate drop. If you serve the cake after a three-course meal, however, a smaller size (around half the size of a dessert portion) will be adequate.