Buttercream Covered Cakes

Buttercream covered cakes can be beautiful with a very smooth finish. If you do not like the taste of fondant, this is a perfect alternative for you. For the internal layering, buttercream is flavoured with delicious fruits, chocolates, cookie crumbs, sometimes with a few savoury elements, therefore the options are really vast and this filling can be alternated with ganache layers for more complex flavour combinations, if you prefer.

Hand piped buttercream flowers and foliage are a perfect way to decorate these cakes, but sugar and fresh flowers are also suitable. Just bare in mind that fresh flowers need to be wired and taped and MUST be pesticides free, also in hot climates or seasons, the life of these flowers is shortened significantly when placed on cakes, especially if your event is held outdoors.

Nowadays, due to a vast variety of new techniques, so much can be done with buttercream. In the past, I have combined decorative fondant elements on children's cakes which I covered with buttercream and this also works well. Colours and textures, i.e. sculpting or buttercream piping, will enhance the look of your cake and I can guarantee the outside will be as beautiful as delicious the inside of my cakes I offer is.

Whether you dream of a half-naked cake, smooth or textured buttercream finish, soft royal icing or fondant covered cake, the choice is yours. No matter the finish you choose, my extensive professional training, knowledge and experience making exquisite cakes, will guarantee your dream cake will be absolutely delicious and beautiful on the outside.

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