What cake flavours do you provide?

You can choose from our standard or complex cake flavours, but I also work with my clients to create custom or requested flavours. 

The flavours provided below are for cakes that have one of the following finishes: ganache, semi-naked, rustic buttercream, smooth buttercream, soft royal icing (this finish is mainly suitable between mid autumn-early spring when the humidity is lower), fondant. These cakes can be displayed as a centrepiece for a longer number of hours than cakes which are cream based, i.e.Pavlova, Tiramisu, Black Forest, mousse cakes or cakes which contain delicious 

Our standard flavours are

  • Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream
  • Vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream
  • Red velvet cake with lemon cream cheese
  • Caramel cake with salted caramel buttercream 
  • Carrot cake with lemon cream cheese

Our complex flavour combinations are

  • Coconut and vanilla cake layers with lemon curd and vanilla buttercream
  • Hungarian Dobos-thin sponge cake layers with chocolate buttercream
  • Banana cake layers with caramel, banana and passionfruit buttercream
  • GF pistachio cake with raspberry buttercream and raspberry compote
  • GF hazelnut cake with chocolate ganache 
  • Walnut cake with slight rum flavoured custard based filling
  • Tiramisu, suitable for tiered cakes
  • Black Forest, suitable for tiered cakes

Do you make fondant covered cakes?

Absolutely, YES! That is one of Sweet Passion Cake's specialities, apart from buttercream, ganache and royal icing finish. There is a rich portfolio of fondant covered cakes on our Facebook page. Fondant provides the perfect canvas for beautiful decorations and is also more suitable to place sugar flowers on. Apart from this, fondant covered cakes are easier to transport and withstand hotter conditions for a longer time.  

How early should I book my wedding or special event cake?

Contact me soon after you have a set date and have booked a venue. In peak seasons, spring-summer-autumn, dates fill up very fast. Wedding cake bookings should be made 2-3 months in advance, most couples book their cake 6 or more months in advance. Please call or email to check to see if I can accomodate your order with less notice.


Placing an order/ making a payment

You decided to go ahead with the order. Thank you! I am thrilled and look forward to creating the cake of your dreams. At this stage, I will send you the invoice via email. I require a 50% deposit which will secure availability. The balance will be payable in full, 3 weeks prior to the event. If you wish, you can also take advantage of the AfterPay option available through the website. Please note, the balance must be paid as mentioned above.



  • 1 tier, 10 coffee portion $160

    All custom cake designs are priced based on the following criteria:

    • flavour
    • number and size of portions
    • type of cake finish, i.e. ganache, semi-naked, rustic buttercream, smooth buttercream, soft royal icing, fondant
    • design, i.e. royal icing piping, painting, stencilling, sugar flowers, figurines

    Please note, simple design examples are found and can be ordered via the Order Online/Shop page.

    The following price guide is for Buttercream covered cakes, based on a cake fully finished wiht buttercream:

    • 1 tier, 10 coffee portion $100
    • 2 tier cakes, 45-50 coffee portions $380
    • 3 tier cakes, 100 coffee portions $600
    • 3 tier cakes, 130 coffee portions $750

    The following price guide is for fondant covered cakes which are ganached first. Prices are based on a cake that has a stir ribbon around the bottom of each tier. All other decorations are extra:

  • 2 tier, 35 coffee portions $350
  • 2 tier cakes, 45-50 coffee portions $490
  • 3 tier cakes, 100 coffee portions $720
  • 3 tier cakes, 130 coffee portions $840


Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

Please feel free to get in touch and I will try my absolute best to accomodate your needs. I do offer Gluten Free options which are so delicious, it is difficult to believe these cakes do not contain any flour. 

Vegan options are: vanilla with blueberry or strawberry filling, chocolate with chocolate or raspberry filling, vegan caramel cheesecake. These flavours must be ordered as a custom order.


I do take extra care when preparing special dietary requirement cakes, however, if trace elements of nuts can cause severe anaphylaxis, I regrettably will not be able to fulfil your order. Please specify this during the ordering process!!! Also, if you or one of your guests have a severe gluten intolerance, please advise!

Request a quote/Custom order consultations

All consultations are by appointment only and are held at my home in Robina, Gold Coast. Cake tasting boxes for 2 serves are available at request and they consist of 4 of our basic flavours. The tasting box can be purchased through the Online Order/Shop. Please note, 48 hrs notice is required. 

The following information is required for a consultation:

  • Research the design of your cake. It always helps if you have 1-2 images with you, these can be on your phone or printed.
  • Have a pretty good idea about the type of finish for your cake, i.e. buttercream, fondant or other. You can find our finish types in the Flavours description 
  • Will your cake require any sugar flowers? If yes, please have the names or photo examples ready, finalising colours can be done after you book your cake.
  • Know the number of guests your cake will serve
  • Will the cake be served as dessert(larger) or coffee(smaller) portions?
  • Do you require delivery and if yes, the name and venue address

Given I have all details needed, I then work out a quote for you which is sent via email. If you have not booked a consultation, you can fill out the Contact 

How much do you charge for delivery?

All wedding, engagement and special event cakes are delivered by me with the help of an assistant. Competitive delivery charges apply and this will be included in your quote. All other cakes will be pick up only, unless delivery is requested. If you order a birthday cake or a cake to treat yourself or your loved ones and wish to have the cake delivered, please call 0419 031 069 to obtain a quote. Alternatively, email: info@sweetpassion.com.au

How do you layer and cover your custom cakes?

Each cake is made from scratch and has 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of filling in a single tier. The cake layers are always moist and full of flavour and I use only good quality ingredients. The fillings are also made from scratch and in-house, using good quality Belgian couverture, real butter for buttercream, real cream, fruit compote and purees, different fruit curds, cream cheese fillings and even various nut pastes.

The fondant covering on my cakes is normally 0.3-0.5mm thick so there is no need to worry that you will have a thick layer of added sweetness on your delicious cake!

Cake stand hire

I offer a wide selection of elegant cake stands which will ensure your cake is really the centre of attention. Cake stand hire costs between $25-$50 with a security deposit which varies for each cake stand. The return of the hired cake stand will be 48 hrs after your event, unless required earlier for another event. You will be notified in this case, the minimum return time is 24 hrs after your event. Once the cake stand is returned without any damage, the security bond will be deposited into your bank account within 48 hrs after the stand is returned. 

Please note, cake stands are only available for hire to customers who order a cake!

How do I store sugar flowers?

First, make sure the sugar flowers removed from your cake are completely dry. Clean all stems with a slightly damp cloth, taking care not to touch the flower at all and dry with a tissue. Place each flower separately in a double layer of tissue and into an airtight container which has a tight lid. Place the container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Make sure you place 2-3 Silica gel sachets in the box as well. If looked after this way, your sugar flowers will keep beautifully for many years to come. Another great idea and I have done this for some of my customers, to arrange them into a bouquet and place a glass bell over to avoid humidity getting to them. Place a couple of Silica gel sachets in the vase. Do NOT store sugar flowers in the refrigerator or freezer as they absorb moisture and with time they will lose their shape.