Fondant Covered Cakes

The ultimate finish on a classic engagement cake, wedding cake, special birthday cake, or anniversary cake will always be fondant. While it seals in moisture to ensure your cake stays fresh longer at room temperature, if you dream of a brilliant white colour for your cake, you cannot go past a silky smooth fondant covered cake. This finish also allows for beautiful shimmer applications which are all edible.

A fondant covered cake is the best canvas if you wish to have beautiful hand piped royal icing designs which can match any lace or other embellishments you would like to incorporate into the design of your cake. Also, hand piped swags and royal icing extension piped details can really only be achieved on a fondant covered cake the best.  

Placing sugar flowers onto a fondant covered cake is always easier in hot climates  as well and if you wish to keep them as a memento for many years to come, their surface will be clean and easy to handle before storing them away. 

Whether you dream of a half-naked cake, smooth or textured buttercream finish, soft royal icing or fondant covered cake, the choice is yours. No matter the finish you choose, my extensive professional training, knowledge and experience making exquisite cakes, will guarantee your dream cake will be absolutely delicious and beautiful on the outside.

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