Ganache Covered Cakes


If opting for a ganache finish for your cake, the best type for my moist cakes is a dark chocolate ganache. I use a good quality Belgian couverture chocolate which has a nice dark chocolate brown colour and provides a great canvas for bright coloured flowers or decorations. The finish can be either a hard ganache which has a matt finish or one which has a dark shiny glaze, called mirror glaze. This is literally like a mirror.

You can choose from: white, milk or dark chocolate glaze or  white chocolate which is coloured. I pour the mirror glaze over a dark hard ganache which results in a beautifully smooth finish.

Whether you dream of a half-naked cake, smooth or textured buttercream finish, soft royal icing or fondant covered cake, the choice is yours. No matter the finish you choose, my extensive professional training, knowledge and experience making exquisite cakes, will guarantee your dream cake will be absolutely delicious and beautiful on the outside.

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